Faux “China” Cabinet

All this china is painted on the front of a simple jelly cabinet. There are teacups, teapots and lace doilies.  The door has two panels each of which I divided into two faux shelves.  I created some of the china patterns while other designs are from taken from well known patterns such as the teapot with the Cherub. Searching out china patterns was such fun!   The Chinese spoons are part of my personal collection. The green and pink spoon is very old and I tried to preserve that when I painted it. I added a ‘real’ Hydrangea blossom for a change of texture.  The jelly cabinet was originally found at a yard sale and likely started out life as unpainted furniture.  It came to me in pieces, painted half brown and half red. Now its blue with gold edging and is “filled” with faux china!   Open the door to find a surprise butterfly painted inside.  This piece is currently a focal point in my own living room.

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