Welcome to my website. Each piece on this site is an original, hand painted in liquid acrylics.  I paint from life and photos, all meticulously by hand.  The hyper- realism creations are not stencils or decoupage.

I am a primarily self-taught artist with a Bachelors of Science from UMass. I work out of my home in Windsor, Connecticut. I find old or new unfinished pieces of furniture and give them new life.

For the past twenty odd years I have worked in liquid acrylics primarily on surfaces that do not require framing, such as chairs, tables, household objects, slate, stones, wooden plaques, other small items. Sometimes I paint on canvas and even walls. I paint a wide range of subject matter from sneakers to pets to teacups with a focus on close ups of nature. My versatility means that anything at all can be the focus of an inspiration. My work is intensely colored, detail oriented and joyful. Florals often emphasize the life cycle of a plant from bud, to bloom, to brown shriveled petals, to seed pod. Furniture pieces and murals display Trompe L’oeil whimsy and bold color schemes. Most pieces include insects or critters such as bumble bees, lady bugs, butterflies, frogs and dragonflies, sometimes featured prominently, sometimes almost hidden. Previous pursuits have included miniature three dimensional portraits of houses painted on wood, animal portraits on stone, life sculpture in clay and life drawing.

I often work to a client’s specifications.

I would love to do a unique piece just for you. Do you own a piece you would like for me to paint? Or would you like to select something from the items I have collected in my travels? I am always looking to do something new. My clients inspire me with their requests. Commission prices vary depending on how complicated the decoration is, whether the piece needs a lot of prep work and if the furniture is mine or yours. Murals are based on how large, how detailed and how far you are from my home base of Windsor, Connecticut. I will work with you to keep the cost reasonable. For more information about working with me, or buying one of my pieces, visit my FAQ page.

Although most of the items on this site are already in the hands of loving owners, occasionally I post a piece for sale. Go to the ‘For Sale’ Category to see the specific items available for purchase. Or visit my Etsy.com shop.

Thank you for exploring my web site and thanks to all of my loyal regular visitors.  I continually add new pieces to Painted Furniture by Sue so it is worth it to drop in occasionally to see what is new.

Do you have comments, questions, or are you interested in buying or commissioning a piece? Send me an e-mail.

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