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Irises Short and Sweet Plaque

Springtime brings beautiful Irises in a wide range of colors and styles.  This small plaque (9″ X 7″) depicts a fairly low to the ground purple and white variety that I fell in love with at Elizabeth Park in Hartford last year.  This time the visiting insect is a honey bee.  I would love to paint something like this for you if you want as this one is already in the hands of a happy owner.

Contemporary House Portrait -Backyard


This painting is the rear view of the same Contemporary House Portrait I posted earlier this summer.    My goal was to make the viewer feel as if they were standing on the far edge of the property.  Doing this extensive backyard was a real challenge.   I used multiple views of the yard and combined them into a seamless whole.  There is complicated decking on the house, a gazebo, garden ornaments and a pond with a fountain.  I put a limited number of the flowering plants in bloom so as to not overwhelm the landscaping.  The piece is  painted in acrylics on a smooth surface  24″ X 12″ clay-board.  Also see my painting of the front view of this home in the post dated 07/27/2015.


Memory Board for a Family

This Memory Board was a most unusual and challenging project painted on a 30″ X 30″piece of wood .  A gentleman requested that his family business be memorialized in a painting that also portrayed his parents and his siblings.  We chose to give the piece the appearance of a loving collection of photos posted on a bulletin board.  The family patriarch had been a blacksmith who worked first on ice wagons and later converted trucks for specialized needs such as fuel delivery.  The client described the building to me as he recalled it since he only had a modern view for me to use .  The photos of himself and his siblings, from which I worked, were small and not particularly detailed.   I faux painted the border frame right on the wooden board.  I thought it might be interesting for you, the viewer, to see the faded sepia toned photos from which I did the larger portraits.

Garden Mural

Harness Park on the Connecticut shore was the inspiration for this intense, hyper-realism mural, a most ambitious project.  I painted it on the wall of a small breakfast nook, creating the sensation of a garden being accessible right from the kitchen.  In preparation, I took photos from all over the park  and worked them into an imaginary ideal garden.  I painted the path and the base board to match the real stone tile floor.    The real gate you see is an antique wrought iron piece that the owner of the mural eventually attached to the wall so that it could swing open in welcome. The balance of the design is completed by the gate.

Many of the photos posted here were taken while the mural was in progress and you can discern my process in some of them.  If you look close you can see differences between views such as unfinished edges, butterflies that were added last and white spaces for the Peonies which were not yet painted.  Unfortunately these photos were taken in the days before I owned a digital camera, so I apologize for some fuzziness.