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Ballroom Box

This 6″ diameter wooden box was painted for a ballroom enthusiast.  I painted a color portrait of the couple on the top  and four black and grey silhouettes on the sides. Since the signature couple for this commission  are usually dressed in black dance attire, I used the chandeliers and the background colors of a favorite  ballroom locale to make the box glow.  Doing the ladies in charcoal grey helps to define the two figures.


Swimming Lesson Box

This small file box is the second in a  four part series of sports figures.  It was commissioned to honor a special swim instructor who made a huge difference in the life of the student.  I had a lot of fun painting the water!! I could not resist adding some water droplets inside the box.   My signature insect is a ladybug on the bottom of the box (not shown).  Are you interested in commissioning a painted box, starting at $85 plus shipping?  Please contact me through this site.