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February Sun on Snow Tray

Sunlight on snow is so striking I could not resist painting it on the 18″ X 12″ center of this  wooden tray.   Yet I am told by some that it looks like light from a full moon.  What do you see?  I based this painting on a photo I took of my own backyard in the winter of 2015  when snow piled up on logs from trees that had fallen in the previous year’s storm.   I added the little rabbit from a photo I took a few years back.  She is just sitting there taking it all in!  This tray is available for sale at $85 including shipping within the United States.  Please contact me through this site if you are interested in purchasing it.

Blue Colonial House Portrait

The owners of this lovely blue Colonial home commissioned this portrait of their home  when they knew they would be moving.  I photographed it a few times last summer to catch all the beautiful flowers and then used my artistic license to put them all in bloom together.  The piece is painted on a wooden plaque 14″X10″ and is only a little larger in scale than the miniature three dimensional houses I painted exclusively for many years.  This was like old times for me and I loved doing it.  If you are interested in having a portrait done of your home please contact me.

Butterflies, Wild Flowers and Stripes on a Child’s Chair

This little chair is a charmer with wonderful ‘bones’.   It inspired me to paint the cohesive wide soft stripes behind the flowers and butterflies.   All the butterflies are real species and most are native to the Northeastern US which is where the little girl who now owns this chair lives. Of course I would never ignore the back!! Don’t you just love Lunar moths? I chose to paint wild flowers like Chicory and wild Asters which are so much less formal and more likely to be part of a child’s real world.

Pedestal Table With Faux Delft Tile

I painted this graceful pedestal table so that it would appear as if it was covered with real  blue and white Delft tiles. The inspiration for the center classic windmill scene was an old delft plate and the  border tile designs, and the pedestal motifs, are loosely based on real tiles which I found in my research.  All the varying shades of blue and ‘gold’ leaf are are carried into the table base and legs as well.   The table is 24″ tall and the top is 14″ across.   If you are interested in possibly commissioning a similar piece or  you want to know more about this piece  Send me an email or leave a comment.