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Pink Roses Climb A Brick Wall

This unique, dynamic profusion of pink roses climbing a brick wall is hand painted by me in a hyper-realistic style on an old slate roof tile. I can do a variety of floral designs similar to this one for you however this particular one is in the home of a loving owner. In this case the realistic roses are depicted in all stages of growth from bud to full bloom to faded blossom. The attention to detail is evident in the whole piece, including the bricks painted in the background. The scene is visited by three life-like butterflies and a bumble bee. A leather cord is threaded through the original nail holes in the slate and is secured with a knot and a pretty ceramic bead. The slate is 24′ tall and 12″ wide and it weighs 7 pounds. Please contact me if you would like to commission something similar.

Roses on a Mini-Mural of 16 Slate Tiles

A profusion of pink roses!  I painted these roses on sixteen 4″X4″ stone tiles in all stages of bloom from tight bud to seed pod.  They link one to the other in a continuous six foot long composition, with a slanted faux brick background.  The client  shipped me the fine slate tiles, fifteen of which were installed across the front of a vanity in his home .   I requested that he include an extra ‘just in case’ tile that I could also use to test my sealants and paints on.  In the end I painted the 16th tile anyway.   I added a signature honey bee and a little lady bug.  Can you find them both?

Doll Rocker with butterflies in Princess colors

This little doll rocker is only 19 inches tall and 9 inches across the back. I painted it in what I think of as princess colors; bright pinks, purples and blues with gold highlights. The seat and the seat back are painted with pretty, stylized butterflies and gold scrolls that match the little cushion which I made from my inspiration quilt fabric.  The cushion can be tied on the seat or up against the spindles if desired. See how cute the chair looks with a little handmade doll seated on it?  You can get a sense of the size of the rocker in the photo which shows it up against an easy chair.

It is for sale @ $60 which includes shipping and handling.  If you are interested in possibly purchasing of this piece or  you want to know more about this piece  Send me an email or leave a comment.