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“Gone Fishing” Memorial Stone

This stone was commissioned as a memorial to a loved one. I painted the motorboat at its regular mooring with “Johnny’s” hat painted in Trompe L’oeil style. I worked from photoes of his boat and the lake where he moored it, but I had Johnny’s real hat sitting on my work table as I painted it. I tried to capture the feel of the canvas fabric and the stitching. It was such a big hat that I could not make it life size or it would have covered the whole surface! A simple message on the side says it all. The stone is about 16 ” in diameter and 2 inches thick. The shape of the stone suggested a heart to me; It was all I needed for inspiration. My first step in starting the piece was to block it in with chalk.

Holiday Stockings with Tae Kwan Do Kick

This second set of large personalized holiday stockings are created completely from scratch for a family with two young sons. For the older son, who studies Tae Kwan Do, I thought he would ‘get a kick’ out of the exploding snowman, while younger brother would like the firemen since Granddad is a fire Chief.  A cat with red satin ribbon is for Mom who works with animals and then there is Dad who loves his vintage riding snow blower!   I placed the painted cotton fabric on quilt batting and machine quilted around the larger areas, and stitched straight lines of quilting on the back side.  The approximately 16″ tall stockings have a satiny lining and a cuff on the top with the painted name name of each family member..  A sturdy loop is stitched into the top back edge.  If you are interested in having me paint stockings for your family please contact me through this site. Orders for this year’s holiday season must be received before October 31 of the current year.  4 stockings for $400, 2 for $250.