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Game Table Insert


A Monopoly game board is actually very pretty, and so is a Scrabble board!  I painted both sides of a 22″ X 22″ piece of wood which was custom cut by the client to fit a table that originally came with a two sided insert of chess board/Backgammon designs .  I simplified the two games as far as I could without affecting the play of the games.  I added a little visual texture to the flat colors that are in the commercial designs, giving my version something special.

Football Table for a Teenager

This small side table was painted for a middle school young man with football aspirations.   I used his team colors for the uniform as well as  his own jersey number.   The background field is deliberately out of scale so it emphasizes the ideal football player as he ‘flies’ down the field.   On the lower shelf I painted, in the Trompe L’oeil style, a couple of index cards with diagrams of football plays because, well, fool the eye  is what I like to do!!   The table stands 20″ tall and the top is 14″ X 16″ .

Table with Scrabble-like Game Board and Faux Marble

This vintage table was probably designed to hold a television back when televisions were big and fat, but as soon as I saw it I knew it had a higher purpose! It stands 27 1/2 inches tall and its top is 24″ X 21″. And it does something special!  The whole top turns 360 degrees in BOTH directions!!! What better use than to play Scrabble on!!!  I painted a faux pink marble top with a regulation size Scrabble-like board centered in the middle. Yes, I know, there are no labels on the pink, red and blue squares, but if you love to play Scrabble then you know what the colors mean without the labels, right?   I also painted all four of the table’s side skirts with soft pink wild roses for a touch of charm.  It is sturdy with legs that can be easily unscrewed and removed for transport.

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