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Jimmy Buffet Tribute Chairs

This unusual request came from a Jimmy Buffet fan. There are two each of these themed, denim, director’s chairs.  One set of chairs is themed “Cheeseburger in Paradise” and sports a whimsical cheeseburger ‘lounging’ on a beach chaise.  The Parrot is a favorite Buffet symbol and I painted each seat with a  slightly differently angled bird.   A faux ketchup packet is painted on the arm rest.   The other set of chairs is themed “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere”. One of the Five O’clock chairs has a yellow Hibiscus, the other a pink Hibiscus.    On the arm rest is a fool the eye cocktail umbrella.  Various cocktails share the back rest with a Bird of Paradise.    The title of each chair is painted on the rear.