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Giraffe Skin in Grey on a Vintage Side Table

This small vintage side table is a whole new direction for me.  The request was for something subtle and sophisticated.  I used the client’s fondness  for giraffes as my inspiration and suggested an animal skin motif in a neutral grey to match her decor.  The straw colored stripe is both an echo of the natural color of a giraffe  and of the color on an adjacent focus wall in the home.  Yes, there is a signature dragon fly on the back…

Abstract Child’s Rocker Revisited



This child’s rocker is based on a chair I did a number of years ago. I painted both in abstract geometric designs with bold colors; purple, teal, cream, black and gold. I even managed to include a snail and a butterfly. The style works well for either a boy or a girl.  In this instance I customized the design for a particular little girl.  Can you discern her name???

Abstract Child’s Rocker

Not everything I paint has to be realism.  Once in a while I do something like this chair with just designs.  This child’s rocking chair was inspired by an abstract wrought iron lamp from the room into which it was intended to go. It was designed to be neither very masculine nor very feminine.   As in anything I do the underlying theme is balance. When the artistic tensions within a piece are in balance there is a sense of pleasure and comfort.  Of course I still had to paint sort of signature critter on it.  Can you find it?  Hint, it is not an insect this time!!!