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Sunflowers Watering Can

Lots of Sunflowers on this watering can!  I painted a cluster of blooms on one side and a single blossom on the other.  A nice fat Bumble bee is on the top.   There is even a little Ladybug hiding on a petal.  Can you see it? This piece called out to me to have the spout painted black to balance the black handles that came on the can.  I’m glad I listened to it!

Swimming Lesson Box

This small file box is the second in a  four part series of sports figures.  It was commissioned to honor a special swim instructor who made a huge difference in the life of the student.  I had a lot of fun painting the water!! I could not resist adding some water droplets inside the box.   My signature insect is a ladybug on the bottom of the box (not shown).  Are you interested in commissioning a painted box, starting at $85 plus shipping?  Please contact me through this site.

Two favorite Stuffed Animals (with turtles!!)

A Grandmother’s gifts to her grandchildren!  Two favorite ‘Stuffies’, a warthog and a donkey,  will now always be preserved for these two children.  This subject of this commission  was another first for me, but since I love painting texture it was right up my alley!! They are painted on wooden plaques 9″ X 12″ each.

And the two little turtles are painted on small stones to fit in little hands!  I actually enjoyed painting the turtle undersides more than the tops!!