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Cake Plate on a Side Table

This charming side table began life as an Early American style nightstand.  I painted it a cool grey and  created a faux marble surface on both the top and lower shelf.  On the upper surface I depicted a delicate  trompe L’oeil  china cake plate with a butter knife, as if crackers and cheese had just been consumed.  I left the back corner of the top marble surface free for a lamp as the client asked.   On the lower shelf I painted my favorite children’s book, a little battered with love just as my own copy is.  (To my delight, my toddler granddaughter tried very hard to pick it up!!)  Serendipitously  I found a graceful vintage handle to replace the original clunky wooden one.  I think it matches my plate perfectly, don’t you agree?

Tea Time Plaque

This  plaque is painted with tea pots, a tea cup and saucer, a mug, and a cocoa pot all sitting on a wooden surface with doilies.  The details are meticulously painted in my hyper-realistic style and are placed against an eggplant colored background.  All the items depicted are from my own collection.  The tall antique pot belonged to my late mother-in-law.  The modern mug in the center shows a famous historical Japanese event.   It had been years since I painted china and it was so much fun to revisit this motif.   The wooden plaque is 13″ X 9″ and is bordered with golden paint.  It is currently hanging in the entryway of a coastal bed and breakfast in Japan.  Are you intrigued by this type of motif?  Please contact me through this site and I will paint something  similar to it just for you.

Note Cards From my Paintings!


I am happy to announce that I am now selling note cards prints of my art work.   The 5 ½” X 4 ¼” cards are blank inside.   I have over two dozen designs shown here for you to choose from.  There is even one that is printed across both front and back.   They are custom packaged with 10 cards of your choice, with 10 envelopes, for $25 including shipping with in the U.S.A.  Smaller or larger orders are available.     You may select cards by number and or name.  Feel free to order singles or duplicates, just be sure to specify your choices when you contact me through this site.  Payment is usually through PayPal.


Faux “China” Cabinet

All this china is painted on the front of a simple jelly cabinet. There are teacups, teapots and lace doilies.  The door has two panels each of which I divided into two faux shelves.  I created some of the china patterns while other designs are from taken from well known patterns such as the teapot with the Cherub. Searching out china patterns was such fun!   The Chinese spoons are part of my personal collection. The green and pink spoon is very old and I tried to preserve that when I painted it. I added a ‘real’ Hydrangea blossom for a change of texture.  The jelly cabinet was originally found at a yard sale and likely started out life as unpainted furniture.  It came to me in pieces, painted half brown and half red. Now its blue with gold edging and is “filled” with faux china!   Open the door to find a surprise butterfly painted inside.  This piece is currently a focal point in my own living room.