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Sunflowers Watering Can

Lots of Sunflowers on this watering can!  I painted a cluster of blooms on one side and a single blossom on the other.  A nice fat Bumble bee is on the top.   There is even a little Ladybug hiding on a petal.  Can you see it? This piece called out to me to have the spout painted black to balance the black handles that came on the can.  I’m glad I listened to it!

For the Love of Bikes Box

Now for something a little different.  This wooden file box was another fun commission.  My assignment was simply bicycles.  Of course I wanted a variety of bikes! I put a sweet one with a basket of flowers on the top and a tandem bicycle on the front. On the sides I painted a high wheeled penny-farthing and a mid century bike.  The unicycle  on the back is in tribute to my two granddaughters who ride their unicycles with aplomb!  The mint green and cream background stripes unify the whole piece.