How do I purchase one of the items from the For Sale list?

A.  Currently the easiest way to purchase from me is through my shop where I have my items up for sale. If you prefer you can make other payment arrangements by contacting me by email.

Would you custom paint something for me?

A.  I would love to! You may write to me in the areas provided in this website or contact me at and we can discuss what you would like to have me paint. I will work with you to develop a project that we will both be happy with. I have found that my clients have some wonderful ideas of what motifs they want painted. I am very flexible, whether working with old favorite subjects or new ones which stretch my experience and repertoire.

Can I commission you to custom paint one of my own possessions?

A.  I am very happy to work with your item. Before we begin I will discuss with you the condition of the item, how much prep work is involved, whether I will do all the work of stripping, sanding, filling and primer painting etc. or if, to defray the cost, you will be tackling some of the prep work before delivering the piece to me.

I don’t own anything for you to custom paint for me. Do you have items waiting to be custom painted? Can you help me obtain something to custom paint for me?

A.  I have collected a limited number of items that are just waiting for inspiration and I can send you photos of what I have. You may purchase one of these items for me to paint for you.  If what I already have does not meet your needs I can help you search unfinished furniture stores, vintage shops and tag sales etc, but this can take time, so please be aware.

How quickly can you do a piece for me?

A.  I do sometimes have a waiting list and my work does take time to do well, so please allow ample time. A deposit from you puts your piece in my queue and I will get to you in turn. I do my best to honor your deadlines but it is not always possible to do so.

Can you duplicate for me one of your ‘sold’ items? Would you paint a duplicate of my custom order for someone else?

A. All my items are unique and one of a kind. I may do something similar for another client but I would never deliberately duplicated something.

In what condition are your For Sale items?

A. Most of my pieces start out as older used furniture and as such, although sturdy, have some signs if use and wear. This is to be expected.

How do I pay for my Purchase?

A.  I accept Paypal and Certified Checks. (And cash!)

How do you ship purchases?

A.  I ship by UPS or FedEx for furniture or by USPS for smaller items, to the U.S. (48 contiguous states) only. I will ship to street addresses only, no P.O. boxes. Please make sure your shipping address is accurate when providing payment. I will try to ship as quickly as possible. Each piece has to be individually evaluated for size and weight. I will provide a close approximation of the shipping cost but since destination is unknown until the item is sold some adjustments may be necessary. Please let me know if you would like to purchase shipping insurance. I will not be responsible for damaged, lost or stolen packages if they are not insured. I will not be responsible for any shipping delays due to carrier delay or due to packages unable to be delivered because of incorrect shipping address.

Are there any alternative shipping methods?

A. I understand shipping furniture can be expensive so if you live within a reasonable drive from my home base in Windsor, Connecticut we can try some more creative arrangements.

I would just like to chat with you, share an opinion, or make a suggestion. How do I reach you?

A.  You may write me in the areas provided in this website or contact me via e-mail:


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