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Parrot Tulip Plaque

A longing for Springtime in the middle of winter  inspired the theme  for this 10″ wide plaque. I was charmed by the showiness of these rich pink Parrot Tulips when I first saw them.  I tried to capture their intensity and make them  leap above the accompanying standard yellow tulips growing behind them.  The park-like scene is bordered with a metallic green band.  Although this item is a commission, and therefore is sold, I am always interested in doing something similar for you if you are interested.  Feel free to contact me through this site.

Wooden Trays with Floral Motifs

These three trays are painted with three different and striking floral motifs.  Deep purple tulips wave in the wind on one of them.  Water lilies slick with water densely pack another tray.  I painted the lilies with the goal of capturing the memory of dragging my hand, as a child, through the slippery carpets of saucer shaped leaves while on a canoe ride on a New Hampshire lake.  The third tray is filled with delicately painted Hydrangeas. You may have noticed that this is a favorite flower of mine and I have done them in many styles over the years.  Of course there is a bug on each tray!