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Tea Time Plaque

This  plaque is painted with tea pots, a tea cup and saucer, a mug, and a cocoa pot all sitting on a wooden surface with doilies.  The details are meticulously painted in my hyper-realistic style and are placed against an eggplant colored background.  All the items depicted are from my own collection.  The tall antique pot belonged to my late mother-in-law.  The modern mug in the center shows a famous historical Japanese event.   It had been years since I painted china and it was so much fun to revisit this motif.   The wooden plaque is 13″ X 9″ and is bordered with golden paint.  It is currently hanging in the entryway of a coastal bed and breakfast in Japan.  Are you intrigued by this type of motif?  Please contact me through this site and I will paint something  similar to it just for you.

Parrot Tulip Plaque

A longing for Springtime in the middle of winter  inspired the theme  for this 10″ wide plaque. I was charmed by the showiness of these rich pink Parrot Tulips when I first saw them.  I tried to capture their intensity and make them  leap above the accompanying standard yellow tulips growing behind them.  The park-like scene is bordered with a metallic green band.  Although this item is a commission, and therefore is sold, I am always interested in doing something similar for you if you are interested.  Feel free to contact me through this site.

Cosmos in the Sun Plaque Version II

This is a second version of the Cosmos in the Sun plaque.  This wooden plaque is painted with 5 bright pink Cosmos in the sunlight.   I kept the  yellow green butterfly subtle so as not to compete with the blossom . The piece is 8″ wide .  It is for sale at $50 including shipping.  Plate stand available for purchase separately.  If you are interested in purchasing this plaque or ordering a similar piece with a different motif, please feel free to contact me through this site.


Hydrangeas in Winter Plaque

This plaque is a winter scene with dried pale blossoms clinging to the branches without bright colors or green leaves.  It is the fourth in a series of Hydrangeas  painted in various seasons.   These blossoms are beautiful at every stage of life!  The pagoda reflecting in the water adds an interesting element.  I could not put an insect or bird into the painting as it would be inappropriate for wintertime so the bee is on the reverse side by my signature!