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Barn Board Porch Mural

This mural with a Trompe L’oeil wood surface is painted on the porch of my own home.  For more than 25 years these walls were just a slightly textured, ugly brown, metal surface.   Then ten years ago I decided to paint it!  Thank you to my sister-in-law for suggesting the faux barn board wood surface.  On the wall which is viewed directly from inside my dining room, I painted rambling wild Roses that ‘bloom’ all year long!  On one of the sides I created a strawberry jar loaded with luscious berries.  There are bees that visit the flowers and a butterfly by the strawberries.  On  the other side is a squirrel which initially even startled my cats.  They have ignored it ever since!  In the winter I hang baskets of artificial green plants to keep a little summertime always just on the other side of the sliding door.

Garden Fence Painted on Three Drawer Chest

I painted lots of pretty tall  flowers growing behind a picket fence on this solid wood, three drawer, storage piece.  Hollyhocks bloom in profusion up the front, right across all three drawers.  One of the side panels sports Sunflowers while the other has Morning Glories climbing up a wrought iron trellis.  Look closely and you will find three butterflies, a bumble bee, a lady bug, a dragon fly and two charming birdhouses.  The top is painted to appear like it is made of slats of wood.   The greenery wraps around to the back just enough to complete the design all the way.   This small chest stands 26 ” tall, is 12″ wide and 14″ deep (counting the knobs).  Perfect for a dorm room or even a bathroom!  This piece sold as soon as it was posted, however if you would like me to paint something in this style please fell free to contact me through this site.

Clematis Mailbox

This mailbox was plain white plastic when it came to me for decoration.  The home it stands in front of is known for its fabulous Clematis in the spring which is where I took my inspiration from.  My goal for painting this multitude of flowers was to paint quick and loose for a joyous welcome.  I think I succeeded!  Look for the Monarch butterfly in the corner of one side and the honeybee on the other side.   When I finished the art work, the mailbox was brushed with several coats of polyurethane to make it New England weather worthy!

Cosmos in the Sun Plaque Version II

This is a second version of the Cosmos in the Sun plaque.  This wooden plaque is painted with 5 bright pink Cosmos in the sunlight.   I kept the  yellow green butterfly subtle so as not to compete with the blossom . The piece is 8″ wide .  It is for sale at $50 including shipping.  Plate stand available for purchase separately.  If you are interested in purchasing this plaque or ordering a similar piece with a different motif, please feel free to contact me through this site.