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Home on a Hill

This is a portrait of a home which sits at the summit of a woodsy hill in Connecticut.  It was a pleasure to paint! The front yard was of great importance to the owner of this house, however in reality this hill is so loaded with tall trees that the view of the architecture is severely obscured from the road.  I simplified the trees but made sure to accurately depict and include all the huge boulders, the Mountain Laurel, Hosta, Hydrangeas, and of course the flags!  I like to include critters where I can, so I placed a squirrel actively over looking the property as he clings to a tree trunk.  I painted the deer, who are frequent visitors in this area, off in the distance.  This piece is painted on a 20″ X 24″ wood canvas in acrylics.

Contemporary House Portrait -Backyard


This painting is the rear view of the same Contemporary House Portrait I posted earlier this summer.    My goal was to make the viewer feel as if they were standing on the far edge of the property.  Doing this extensive backyard was a real challenge.   I used multiple views of the yard and combined them into a seamless whole.  There is complicated decking on the house, a gazebo, garden ornaments and a pond with a fountain.  I put a limited number of the flowering plants in bloom so as to not overwhelm the landscaping.  The piece is  painted in acrylics on a smooth surface  24″ X 12″ clay-board.  Also see my painting of the front view of this home in the post dated 07/27/2015.


Contemporary House Portrait

This contemporary home has lots of interesting architectural details like multiple roof lines,  a variety of ‘wings’, beautiful landscaping and charming garden ornaments.  Do you see the antique bicycles and the stone dog?  I worked with the client to select a view that said ‘Come on in for a visit!”   It is  painted in acrylics on a smooth surface  24″ X 12″ clay-board.  Also see my painting of the rear view of this home in the post dated 09/14/2015.

Blue Colonial House Portrait

The owners of this lovely blue Colonial home commissioned this portrait of their home  when they knew they would be moving.  I photographed it a few times last summer to catch all the beautiful flowers and then used my artistic license to put them all in bloom together.  The piece is painted on a wooden plaque 14″X10″ and is only a little larger in scale than the miniature three dimensional houses I painted exclusively for many years.  This was like old times for me and I loved doing it.  If you are interested in having a portrait done of your home please contact me.