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Dog Portrait: Barney with a Scarf

I painted this charming portrait of a Black Lab on an “18 X 24” canvas in Acrylics.  He was commissioned as a birthday gift for his loving owner.  I was told that Barney is a kind and patient dog who was a tad annoyed by having this scarf wrapped around him, hence his  less than happy continence as he obediently regards us!  I worked deligently to pull all the details out of his smooth black fur.  The scarf was especially fun to paint. Do you have a special animal in your family that you would like me to paint as a canvas??  Please feel free to contact me through this site.  Prices start at $200.

Dog Portrait Toby at the Beach

I painted this sweet portrait of a Maltese on a 20″ X 24″ canvas in Acrylics.  He was commissioned as a surprise gift for a  soldier for when she returns from deployment this spring.  I can tell Toby is a sweet dog and much loved by his family.  The leash extending off the canvas gives the viewer the illusion of holding the leash, strengthening the connection between the viewer and this charming animal.   It was a pleasure to  paint him! Do you have a special animal in your family that you would like me to paint as a canvas??

Dog Portraits on Stone

I enjoy painting animal portraits from photos of real dogs. I capture their personal markings, features and especially their eyes. I choose beach stones with relatively smooth surfaces which are about the size of large potatoes! Do you have a favorite dog that you would like me to paint for you? I need nice clear photos of your animal’s face plus additional photos showing their body, paws and tails. Either prints or electronic PDF files are fine. I try to include as many details as I can. These stones are $50 each plus shipping. Larger stones are available at varying prices.  Contact me through this site if you are interested in having a unique stone painted.

Havanese Dog Stone

This cute dog is a portrait of a breed called Havanese.  I painted him on a stone which is about 6″ at it’s widest .   I tried to capture his personality as well as the texture of his lush fur.   His front paws are tucked under his chest and his tail and one paw are on the back.

Do you have a favorite pet that you would like represented on a  stone?  Send me nice clear photos of face and body!