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Under the Sea Step Stool

This step stool was a commission for a little girl named Lucy,  It was so much fun to paint.  Fish are so colorful! All the fish I painted are based on real sea life, except for the Mermaid (of course!).  I included a wide variety of fish such as a Clown fish, a Tiger fish, gold fish and an Octopus.   I also painted some Jelly fish, Angel fish,  Sea Anemones, Starfish, a  Sea horse and a Sea Turtle.

Caribbean Octopus

Another fun request from a client!! Who knew Octopi could be so colorful, changing colors like a chameleon. This Caribbean Octopus is painted on the slats on the top level of a three shelf shoe rack.  I eased the color down the sides of the slats so that even viewed from an angle the picture is continuous.  Final destination of the piece is a summer home in the Caribbean, how perfect!