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Dragon Guardians Mural

I painted three large dragons on the bedroom walls of a ten year old boy who loves these mythical creatures.  His mother asked him to find his favorite dragons from books and from the internet, however she did not tell him why she wanted them.  I based my painting on the images he had chosen.   He returned from summer camp to find I had painted a mural on two of his walls while he was away.  Wow! He was so excited with his surprise when he came home!!  A real fun project for me!

In This House entryway mural

Enter this house through the mud room and take a moment to read the walls!  As you open the door  you are face to face with  bold letters stating IN THIS HOUSE, followed by the family’s philosophy!  I painted several quotes and paraphrases  in black on the yellow walls, from classic sci-fi and fantasy movies, television  and books.  What sources do you recognize? Harry Potter! Star Wars! Star Trek! Goonies! Lord of the Rings! Hitchhiker’s Guide and more.  Then when you exit the house look up over the door and see the directive from the Princess Bride!   What a fun mural this was to paint.  Or should I say is …  We expect to add additional phrases over time.