Cloud chest withAutumn leaves

This vintage chest of drawers is painted on all sides with a summer sky full of clouds.  I rescued the dresser from the back of a garage where it sat badly damaged and painted bright yellow and orange along with words and peace signs.  I stripped it down and had some repair work done before starting my transformation.  For a little added interest I painted early autumn leaves on the top in a Trompe L’oeil style. Even my husband, who knows what I do, tried to brush these leaves away when he first saw them!   I painted a few leaves on the bottom of the skirt too. Did you find my signature insect?  Hint, it’s on a leaf!  Also, included in this cluster of photos is a second chest I did with a winter sky.  Can you see how the simple change in the depth of the blues changes the season?  By the way, the female body vase sitting on top of the chest is also a piece of my art work.

2 thoughts on “Cloud chest withAutumn leaves”

  1. Beautiful! I hope you don’t mind that I shared it to a Fusion FB group. Of course most people don’t have your fine art skills. (My son is a fine detail illustrator so I know how that goes.)

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