Sports Locker Mural on closet doors

This mural began with two brand new plain closet doors! It is painted in Trompe L’oeil style to look like a real bank of lockers just jam packed with sporting equipment. I had a ball doing these doors (pun intended!!)  The client and I collected all sorts of sports paraphernalia to use as models.  We added in anything we could think of!     Who’d ever have thought painting smelly old sneakers could be such a great idea?  Did all of you UConn fans notice the ‘old’ Husky sticker peeling off? Even the masking tape names and the door handles are painted on.  I have included a photo of one of the doors ajar, just to help you understand the illusion.  To open the closet however, one pulls on real combination locks and a real golf ball which were added after the doors were hung.  I am particularly proud and fond of this project.

One thought on “Sports Locker Mural on closet doors”

  1. These doors were supplied by the client who brought them to my studio, where I custom painted them. Sometimes I paint a mural in person in the home. Since I am located in Connecticut this arrangement probably would not work for you, as much as I would loved to do another mural of this nature!!! Thank you for your inquiry.

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