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Hot Air Balloon Festival at the Beach on a Storage Container

I am not sure what this vintage bucket on three legs was originally meant to store, but I can picture it it holding anything from magazines to umbrellas to knitting supplies to hats and mittens to a large potted plant!  I had fun painting the ocean scene with a lighthouse, beach, island village and seven hot air balloons.  The views are loosely based on southern New England locales.  I photographed every one of the balloons in the sky at festivals in Connecticut.  The bucket is all wood with the exception of the two metal bands.  The divider inside is  easily removed.  It weighs 7 pounds and stands 20″ tall (not counting the handle). The bucket is 10.5″ deep and tapers from  12.5″ in diameter at the bottom to 11″ diameter at the top.  It is currently available for sale at $125 plus shipping and handling.

Caribbean Octopus

Another fun request from a client!! Who knew Octopi could be so colorful, changing colors like a chameleon. This Caribbean Octopus is painted on the slats on the top level of a three shelf shoe rack.  I eased the color down the sides of the slats so that even viewed from an angle the picture is continuous.  Final destination of the piece is a summer home in the Caribbean, how perfect!

Jimmy Buffet Tribute Chairs

This unusual request came from a Jimmy Buffet fan. There are two each of these themed, denim, director’s chairs.  One set of chairs is themed “Cheeseburger in Paradise” and sports a whimsical cheeseburger ‘lounging’ on a beach chaise.  The Parrot is a favorite Buffet symbol and I painted each seat with a  slightly differently angled bird.   A faux ketchup packet is painted on the arm rest.   The other set of chairs is themed “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere”. One of the Five O’clock chairs has a yellow Hibiscus, the other a pink Hibiscus.    On the arm rest is a fool the eye cocktail umbrella.  Various cocktails share the back rest with a Bird of Paradise.    The title of each chair is painted on the rear.

Garden Mural

Harness Park on the Connecticut shore was the inspiration for this intense, hyper-realism mural, a most ambitious project.  I painted it on the wall of a small breakfast nook, creating the sensation of a garden being accessible right from the kitchen.  In preparation, I took photos from all over the park  and worked them into an imaginary ideal garden.  I painted the path and the base board to match the real stone tile floor.    The real gate you see is an antique wrought iron piece that the owner of the mural eventually attached to the wall so that it could swing open in welcome. The balance of the design is completed by the gate.

Many of the photos posted here were taken while the mural was in progress and you can discern my process in some of them.  If you look close you can see differences between views such as unfinished edges, butterflies that were added last and white spaces for the Peonies which were not yet painted.  Unfortunately these photos were taken in the days before I owned a digital camera, so I apologize for some fuzziness.