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Blue Doodle Children’s Rockingchair

This child’s rocker is painted with lots of happy doodles of stars, stripes, dots, hearts and a few little flowers in shades of blues, greens, salmon and white.  I painted energetic  frogs leaping at dragon flies on both the front and rear backrests. Lady bugs creep along the runners.  This very sturdy rocking chair stands 25″ tall and is 15″ across the backrest. The seat is wicker. It is appropriate for a girl or boy.  For Sale at $125 plus shipping and handling.

Abstract Child’s Rocker Revisited



This child’s rocker is based on a chair I did a number of years ago. I painted both in abstract geometric designs with bold colors; purple, teal, cream, black and gold. I even managed to include a snail and a butterfly. The style works well for either a boy or a girl.  In this instance I customized the design for a particular little girl.  Can you discern her name???

Holiday Stocking with Robots

This Holiday stocking is for baby August.  Isn’t he cute?  Doing a robot theme was way more fun than I even imagined!  This stocking is for the brother of the Dinosaur Stocking I posted over a year ago. Click below on the tag ‘dinosaur’ to see that set pf stockings.   I think I this one fits very well with the rest of the family’s.  Thanks to my youngest son for coming up with the concept!