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Cats Portraits on Stone

I paint animal portraits from photos of real cats. I capture their personal markings, features and especially their eyes. I choose beach stones with relatively smooth surfaces which are about the size of large potatoes! Do you have a favorite kitty that you would like me to paint for you? I need nice clear photos of your animal’s face plus additional photos showing their body, paws and tails. Either prints or electronic PDF files are fine. I try to include as many details as I can. These stones are $50 each plus shipping. Larger stones are available at varying prices. Contact me through this site if you are interested in having a unique stone painted.

Memory Board for a Family

This Memory Board was a most unusual and challenging project painted on a 30″ X 30″piece of wood .  A gentleman requested that his family business be memorialized in a painting that also portrayed his parents and his siblings.  We chose to give the piece the appearance of a loving collection of photos posted on a bulletin board.  The family patriarch had been a blacksmith who worked first on ice wagons and later converted trucks for specialized needs such as fuel delivery.  The client described the building to me as he recalled it since he only had a modern view for me to use .  The photos of himself and his siblings, from which I worked, were small and not particularly detailed.   I faux painted the border frame right on the wooden board.  I thought it might be interesting for you, the viewer, to see the faded sepia toned photos from which I did the larger portraits.