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Pansies on a Wooden Bucket

This hand painted wooden pot is 5″ tall and can hold anything you want like a 5″ plant, or your colored pencils (not included), or pretty hand towels in the guest bathroom, or utensils and napkins on the dinner table. I had such fun painting a wide range of flowers on it. There are a dozen varieties of Pansies among the 16 hand painted blossoms, plus several buds, fading flowers, leaves, seed pods and one burst open seed pod. I painted a lovely fat honey bee and a lady bug. Pansies are very special flowers! Not only do they have a multitude of faces and colors but they are very happy in the cold! I set them on the front stoop while snow is still melting! Yay Spring!! Contact me through this site if you are interested in purchasing this item for $50 including shipping and handling within the United States. I will include a small plastic liner so that you may use it as a jardiniere if desired.

Pansy cabinet

This cabinet is an oldie but a goodie.  Pansies are growing out from behind the fence on the drawer and are cascading down the front doors.  The client provided me with a new, unfinished piece and I kept it light and airy.  I painted a couple of Trompe L’oeil blossoms on the top and of course there is a bee.   I delivered this cabinet on 9/11/2001 where the television was running in the background: An indelible memory is associated with it for me.

Does this piece intrigue you enough to want me to paint something like it for you?  Please contact me through this site.