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Japanese Memories Table

This striking side table began life as a solid wood vintage Early American style nightstand.  I painted it a  deep navy blue and  created faux marble surfaces in shades of grey on both the top and lower shelves.  This is a trompe l’oeil  piece of art work, where everything looks real enough to pick up!  On the upper surface I depicted items collected on a visit to Japan; There is a sophisticate  navy colored fan, and a pair of chopsticks encased in a fabric sheath, secured by a braided knot.  I added three glass marbles through which you can see light shinning.   I folded a crane and a swallow from paper purchased in Tokyo to use as models to paint the two Origami birds on the lower shelf.  This unique table is currently for sale for $450 plus shipping.  The top is  14″ X 16″ and it stands  27″ tall.Please contact me through this site if you are interested in this table or perhaps a custom painted item.

Child’s Rocker with Trompe L’oeil Marbles

What a joy to paint this child’s rocking chair! I painted an old fashioned freight train across the back rest and kept the color scheme low key.  Of course I couldn’t  resist adding detail to the cars.  But the best part of this piece is the Tompe L’oeil on the seat where I painted a few leaves and two marbles.The light glinting through the glass is what makes it all work! My grandson was eighteen months old when he was shown this chair and his little hand scrabbled at a leaf trying to pick it up. Is that affirmation or what? The rear side of my painted chairs is never ignored. In this case I thought a little red caboose would be very appropriate, do you agree?