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Hot Air Balloon Festival at the Beach on a Storage Container

I am not sure what this vintage bucket on three legs was originally meant to store, but I can picture it it holding anything from magazines to umbrellas to knitting supplies to hats and mittens to a large potted plant!  I had fun painting the ocean scene with a lighthouse, beach, island village and seven hot air balloons.  The views are loosely based on southern New England locales.  I photographed every one of the balloons in the sky at festivals in Connecticut.  The bucket is all wood with the exception of the two metal bands.  The divider inside is  easily removed.  It weighs 7 pounds and stands 20″ tall (not counting the handle). The bucket is 10.5″ deep and tapers from  12.5″ in diameter at the bottom to 11″ diameter at the top.  It is currently available for sale at $125 plus shipping and handling.

Light house children’s chair

This little child’s chair is painted as if it were a mural. The chair belonged to the client who gave me free reign to do whatever I wanted and this was the result.  The beach scene wraps around all surfaces of the chair.  The light house is a famous one, I am sure you recognize it.  The model for the hyper-realistic copper sand pail was a miniature pail that I stuck into rice to capture the look I wanted. The seagulls were taken from photos a friend took at the beach.  The sand castle which I painted on one of the sides was a particularly difficult challenge.