Ocean Chest

This cabinet is painted with an ocean scene which wraps continuously around all three sides . After receiving this commission I visited a cousin’s beach house and saw their entrance to the beach. I knew immediately that this was the perfect scene for this cabinet. The left side has a Sandpiper bird.  The right side is simple with just the sky, sand dunes and a few rocks piled in the sand.   Notice how the knobs are painted as part of the scene too.

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Hydrangea Lazy Susan

Blue Hydrangeas are among my favorite flowers so I was delighted with the request to paint them on a Lazy Susan.  Real Hydrangeas bushes often have blossoms in a variety of stages of blooming so I like to paint them to reflect that. The mottled greenish yellow background seems to glow with sunlight.  Even though the butterfly looks real enough to take off in flight, I did not want it to compete for center stage, therefore I chose the subtly charming Western Tailed Blue butterfly for my signature insect. The edges of the discs are painted in gold and a pretty periwinkle blue.

The Lazy Susan was provided by the client.  It was unfinished, and of such a fine quality, that I could not resist painting on the intended underside as well.   I did a little faux work making it appear as if the small bottom disc were a china plate and I painted this Hydrangea in a style one might see on a dinner plate.   There is also a simple design on the yellow portion that shows of the underside of the top disc.

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