Lilies and Petunias Garden Painting


These intense Petunias, Day Lilies and a Monarch Butterfly are painted on a 12″ square canvas.  Although I rarely paint on canvas I did this one with the goal of capturing the cropped effect close up photos have.  I have received a great many positive reviews on this unusual (for me) item.  I have placed this painting in a wooden frame with a purple stain. It is available with or without this frame.

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Seashell Tray

The request for this vintage tray (provided by the client) was for “lots and lots of scallop shells”. I tried to paint them as if they were randomly scattered on the tray to avoid making the piece look like a summer camp project of glued-down shells. I included a star fish as well as a variety of sizes and kinds of shells, all facing many directions. I had an actual shell or critter model for every item I painted.  One of my models was an enormous orange shell. If you look at my Scallop Shell Lazy Susan you will see the inside of this same shell which is actually purple and white! The tray has a glass insert that protects all my painted shells. I did not change the nice mahogany finish of the rim or the background surface, I merely touched up a couple bad spots and sealed the entire piece. I also painted the handles metallic gold.

Sports Locker Mural on closet doors

This mural began with two brand new plain closet doors! It is painted in Trompe L’oeil style to look like a real bank of lockers just jam packed with sporting equipment. I had a ball doing these doors (pun intended!!)  The client and I collected all sorts of sports paraphernalia to use as models.  We added in anything we could think of!     Who’d ever have thought painting smelly old sneakers could be such a great idea?  Did all of you UConn fans notice the ‘old’ Husky sticker peeling off? Even the masking tape names and the door handles are painted on.  I have included a photo of one of the doors ajar, just to help you understand the illusion.  To open the closet however, one pulls on real combination locks and a real golf ball which were added after the doors were hung.  I am particularly proud and fond of this project.