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Scallops on a Faux Marble Lazy Susan

This was one of the most challenging subjects requested of me by a client. Scallop sea shells!  I had no idea before doing research for this piece how varied Scallop shells were. A Special thank you to my seashell and starfish collecting friends for loaning me so many specimens as models!  I especially enjoyed painting the insides of the shells.   Particularly difficult were the grey toned shells from Cape Cod because the tops were dark while the deeper grooves were light colored. This made creating depth a real challenge.   I am so pleased with the way the star fish came out, as well as some of the other kinds of sea shells!  And the barnacles! They were great little details to paint.   Since the underside of the lazy Susan (supplied by the client) was as finely finished as the top, it is just as easy to use upside down, therefore I painted it a faux pink marble as an alternative.

Hydrangea Lazy Susan

Blue Hydrangeas are among my favorite flowers so I was delighted with the request to paint them on a Lazy Susan.  Real Hydrangeas bushes often have blossoms in a variety of stages of blooming so I like to paint them to reflect that. The mottled greenish yellow background seems to glow with sunlight.  Even though the butterfly looks real enough to take off in flight, I did not want it to compete for center stage, therefore I chose the subtly charming Western Tailed Blue butterfly for my signature insect. The edges of the discs are painted in gold and a pretty periwinkle blue.

The Lazy Susan was provided by the client.  It was unfinished, and of such a fine quality, that I could not resist painting on the intended underside as well.   I did a little faux work making it appear as if the small bottom disc were a china plate and I painted this Hydrangea in a style one might see on a dinner plate.   There is also a simple design on the yellow portion that shows of the underside of the top disc.

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