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Light house children’s chair

This little child’s chair is painted as if it were a mural. The chair belonged to the client who gave me free reign to do whatever I wanted and this was the result.  The beach scene wraps around all surfaces of the chair.  The light house is a famous one, I am sure you recognize it.  The model for the hyper-realistic copper sand pail was a miniature pail that I stuck into rice to capture the look I wanted. The seagulls were taken from photos a friend took at the beach.  The sand castle which I painted on one of the sides was a particularly difficult challenge.

Delphinium Chair with Hand Caned Seat

Larger than life lavender Delphiniums grace the backrest of this vintage chair. The flowers are hand painted in acrylic paint in a hyper-realistic style with a touch of   soft focus.  I really like the effect and I hope you do too.   The chair itself is done in soothing blues, purples and greens.  The darkest color is very deep purple.  On the back side I painted a Silver Studded Blue butterfly.   I also hand caned the seat.  It turns out this sturdy chair might be pretty old as I found that the caning holes were clearly hand drilled. They were irregular in size, placement, and spacing, making this quite a challenge for a first time caner! I have included an image of the rescue chair as it first came to me! Look what a little paint and love did to it!    If you are interested in possibly purchasing something similar to this piece please Send me an email or leave a comment.

Chair Painted With Ribbons and Dried Roses

I chose a palette of grays and browns for this surprisingly colorful chair. The ‘natural’ wood grain on the legs and back supports is faux work as the chair was painted cream when I found it. The seat is painted to look like someone casually set down two dried long stem roses with trailing ribbon. Hopefully the ribbon looks like you should brush it aside before you sit down! The next three pictures zoom in on more detail.Can you tell that these flowers are not moist and fresh, but crisp and carefully preserved? The shadows are very important to the illusion of being real. the swallowtail. He’s painted with the same limited palette as the seat decoration. 

This chair is for sale @ $150 plus shipping and handling.  If you are interested in possibly purchasing of this piece or  you want to know more about this piece  Send me an email or leave a comment.