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Holiday Stockings with Cavorting snowmen

These large personalized holiday stockings are created completely from scratch.   I painted this first set of stockings for a family with two young daughters. The snowmen are having a lot of fun, one of them is very partial to pink boots!! Everyone loves the face on the little snowman on the old wooden sled. Chickadees, Holly and berries with red satin ribbon make for a sophisticated look for Mom. The houses in the snow references the Dad’s profession as an architect.  I ended up updating it which is why there are two versions of the Jared stocking!!!  I placed the painted cotton fabric on quilt batting and machine quilted around the larger areas, and stitched straight lines of quilting on the back side.  The approximately 16″ tall stockings have a satiny lining and a cuff on the top with the painted name name of each family member..  A sturdy loop is stitched into the top back edge.  If you are interested in having me paint stockings for your family please contact me through this site. Orders for this year’s holiday season must be received before October 31 of the current year.  4 stockings for $400, 2 for $250.

Woodland Vintage Icebox

This vintage icebox was covered with thick red paint when it was brought to me.  After much discussion the owner chose to have it professionally stripped.  When it was paint free we found this gorgeous wood underneath so we scrapped the original plans to paint it an all-over color, opting just to embellish it.  We chose a woodland theme with critters, wild flowers and other flora.  Where I could, I used the wood grain as part of my design, see how the there are rings of ‘water’ near the Loon?  The Pine cone and Maple seeds are painted in Trompe L’oeil  style but the latch and hinges are real. I painted one of my favorite wild flowers, Blue Chickory,  climbing up the sides.